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My collaboration with Securitas Direct to get you the best deals in alarm security systems!

The BEST Services

Comprehensive security for your home

Thousands of families live peacefully thanks to Securitas Direct in Tenerife for villas, apartments and businesses …

ATN Network

Securitas Direct offers you the only alarm with ATN Network immune to inhibition, an exclusive network impossible to inhibit.

SOS Button

The SOS button on the Securitas Direct alarms allows you to request immediate help in any emergency situation. We will send to police, firefighters or health services.

Notice to the Police

Once the attempted robbery or emergency situation has been verified, we notify the police and send a Securitas Direct watchman.

29 Seconds Response

Our Central Station catches the alarm jumps, verify the alert and activate the security protocol in an average time of 29 seconds.

Prevent Squatters on your property with a Securitas Direct alarm system. Our central monitoring station will notify the police, ensuring your home’s security while you’re away.

The Best Alarm System in the Market

Security Everywhere

Control your alarm wherever you are thanks to the new My Verisure application from Securitas Direct. With more functionality and improved design, managing your alarm from anywhere in the world is even more comfortable, safe and easy.

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