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Selling your home is probably the biggest financial transaction you will make over the course of your life. Selling your property in Tenerife will be a relatively complex process where you will need to have some knowledge in marketing, legal and financial factors that are often decisive. Here are some tips to help you in the process.

  1.  Optimize the Sale Price:

Properly establish a fair price is crucial to sell your property in Tenerife. Buyers are the ones that ultimately determine the final value, they compare your home price to similar offerings on the market and if the price is not attractive, they go to the next offer on the list. The longer the property is for sale, the hardest to find a buyer because they tend to think there is some problem with it.

2.  Prepare the House:

The way you present your property to potential buyers can make the difference between success or failure:
  • Remove things or furniture from the entrance of the house. It will look more spacious.
  • Open the windows every day for a few minutes, it eliminates undesirable odors and prevents moisture.
  • If you’re going to be out during the day turn on any lights inside. It will make the home look more inviting.
  • Removes leftover furniture. The rooms will be more spacious.
  • If you need to paint, use light neutral colors.
  • Hide cosmetic and personal use objects.
  • Open the curtains to illuminate the rooms

3.  Maximize Market Presence:

Finding qualified buyers requires more things than a for sale sign, classified ads or the door open for visits. In practice, 82% of sales in the housing market comes from a Estate Agent portfolio, recommendations, friends, family and personal contacts.

4.  Potential Buyers Preselection:

To save time and avoid unnecessary visits. A Property Advisor helps you preselect potential buyers who are really motivated to purchase and have the resources to carry it out. For your safety, all visits and appointments are always made through the real estate consultant.

5.  Facilitate the Relationship With the Buyer:

  Buyers tend to be more comfortable with the a Real Estate Advisor. Many people feel intimidated when visiting a house with the present owner. They feel uncomfortable when making a comment or make a counteroffer if they know they are negotiating with the owner.  

6.  Protection Against Future Claims:

A purchase contract done wrong can lead to costly legal action. When selling your home in Tenerife is essential that all aspects related to the purchase and sale of the property are properly protected. This is where the knowledge and experience of a Real Estate Agent in Tenerife gives you all kinds of protection.

7.  Inform the Buyer:

Buyers make decisions with the help of a lot of information. Property Advisors prepares the sale of your house gathering all kinds of information that may be crucial to assess your property and influence the purchase decision.

8.  Negotiate Professionally:

Getting understanding between seller and buyer can be a challenge sometimes maintained even after the agreement. It is important to be prepared with negotiating techniques that allow you to defend your interests throughout the process. A real estate agent will ensure that everything goes as normally and that the price obtained is always the best.

9.  Privacy and Security:

Opening the door to a stranger can be an uncomfortable situation. The best way to ensure your peace of mind is to have beside you a real estate consultant to accompany potential buyers during visits to your property, assuming the role of negotiator.

10. A Global Network:

If you want to sell your home in Tenerife in the quickest and safest way, contact me as your real Estate Agent in Tenerife, you will have your property for sale with the largest Real Estate Network in the World, with the most modern marketing techniques and a specific training in the sector.